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The Top Fundraisers widget can be used to add Fundraiser Leaderboards to your event. This article covers the styles and settings available to customise the leaderboards.




Choose from 4 different leaderboard styles: Horizontal, Horizontal Tiled, Table or Vertical.


Additional settings

Display Label

Appears at the top of the widget on the live site.

List Size

The number of thumbnails to display on the leaderboard

Add Show More button

Choose to display a 'Show More' button at the end of the leaderboard for the viewer to expand the list of fundraising pages.


Use data from this event only

By default the leaderboard will display the data from the event that it's added to. There might be times when you want to display a leaderboard from a past event. Click this option and enter the Event ID for the past event. The leaderboard added will now use the data from the Event ID specified.

Include sub-events

If your event has sub-events (e.g. a parent/main event that has different event locations, one event site for each location), this setting will set the leaderboard to include fundraising pages from across ALL the sub-events. Default setting is TRUE.


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