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Types of Widgets

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Types of Widgets

There is one type of Widget for each type of content you would need to add to your event and we are continually making more.

Text - Adds a text box for text content. The width of a text box can be expanded to take up more than one slot

Image - Adds a single image onto the page. Width can be expanded to take up more than one slot

Gallery - Add multiple images into a slider gallery. Width of gallery can be expanded to take up more than one slot

Fundometer - Adds a Raised So Far tally for your event on the page. You can add an image that matches your event, or use the default image that comes with the chosen template

Button - Adds a box of up to 3 buttons for 'call to action' links

Top Fundraisers - A list of Top Fundraisers that automatically displays the top fundraisers of the event in real-time.

Video - Embed a video onto your website


Beta Widgets

Sometimes we'll release widgets/functionality which are still in development. These will be marked with 'Beta' to indicate that although they are available for you to use, they may be unfinished and not yet receive full support from our development team. Current widgets/functionality in beta include:

Event Feed - Currently used to show top recent 50 donations to the event

Fundometer (activity metrics) - display a single Activity Metric total (e.g. Total Steps logged by fundraisers of the event)

Activity Tracker - Displays all 4 activity metrics


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