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Text Widget

Learn how to Add, Edit, Add a Link within, or Expand a Text Widget.

Add a text widget

  1. To add a text widget to your event, simply click the Text Widget from the Widget menu and drag it into an open slot.
  2. Add the text that you want into the pop up
  3. Click Done, then Save to apply the changes

Edit a Text Widget

  1. Click the Text Widget you want to edit
  2. Within the Edit Text pop up, make the changes needed. To add style and format, click within a line/paragraph and select from the Styles drop down.

    If more than one section of text changes to the selected style, add a new line break between paragraphs
  3. Click Done, then Save to apply changes

Add a Link to Text within the Text Widget

  1. Highlight the text you wish to add a link to, then click the Link icon in the toolbar
  2. Insert the URL of the page you wish to link through to. This link could be a full external URL e.g. http://www.google.com, or it could be an internal GoFundraise link e.g. /payments/donate/beneficiary/321 (see screenshot)
  3. Click OK then Done to save the changes within the text box. Click Save to Save the changes to the page
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