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Video Widget

Videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, or Daily Motion can now be embedded into an event site.

  1. First, locate the Video URL and copy it to your clipboard (see How to find your video URL or video ID)
  2. Select Video Widget from the Widget menu and drag it into an open slot
  3. In the Edit Video pop up, first select where your video is hosted (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo)
  4. Paste in the Video URL or Video ID of the video you wish to embed. The URL will shorten to the Video ID automatically. A preview of the video will appear. Click Done to insert video

    There may be additional options here depending on the Video Host chosen. E.g. YouTube videos will have the option to disable/enable auto-play and suggested videos (click to see how)

    Your video has now been inserted.
  5. Resize your video widget as needed. Save changes to the page.
    The widget works best as a 2x1 slot widget.


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