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Fundometer Widget

The Fundometer Widget is a graphical representation of the amount raised so far for the event. All templates come with a default Fundometer Image to match the theme, however you can conveniently upload your own image if you choose to.


Change the Fundometer Image

  1. Within the event editor, click the Fundometer Widget to open the Fundometer Settings

  2. Hover over the existing image, then click to change the image
  3. Drag or click to upload a new image icon from your computer into this slot
  4. Choose to automatically Use Original image size (if you have the correct size), or choose to Crop Image using the resizable grid. You can also zoom in and out, or click and drag to re-position the image within this cropper.
  5. Click Save to apply the changes, then click Done to insert the new image
  6. Save the changes to your event and view your Fundometer image live


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