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Gallery Widget

A Gallery Widget is used to insert multiple images into the same slot. The gallery will scroll through the images.

Add a Gallery Widget

  1. To add a Gallery to your event, simply click the Gallery Widget from the Widget menu and drag it into an open slot.
  2. In the Edit Gallery pop up, click the button to Add New Image. Then upload an image from your computer (or drag and drop the image inside the box)
  3. Choose to automatically Use Original image size, or choose to Crop Image using the resizable grid. You can also zoom in and out, or click and drag to re-position the image within this cropper.

    Choose whether to add a link to this Image.

  4. Click Add New Image to add another image and repeat steps 2-3
  5. Once you are done adding images, click Done to insert the gallery. You will always be able to replace images, add/delete images, and change the image settings for a Gallery afterwards.
  6. Save the changes to the page


How to add a link to an Image in a Gallery

  1. Open the Gallery Widget properties if you have already
  2. Select an existing image from the Gallery (or Add New Image). From the drop down field Link image to select the type of link you want to add.
    Once you have configured the required settings for that Link Type, click Done
  3. Save changes to the website. Your image now has a hyperlink applied



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