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How to update page specific Event Banners

Before using this method, preview/view the site live to check which pages still show the old banner. IF all pages seem to pick up the new banner, then there is no need to go into each individual page to update the banner image, unless you want a different banner for this particular content page.


  1. Navigate to the Edit Page section of an individual content page
  2. Change the 'Page Area' field from 'Main Area' to 'Header'. The contents of the editing area will switch accordingly. If this section is blank, do not save as this page is already picking up the Default Banner updated in Method 2.
  3. Right click on the image and select 'Image Properties' and replace existing image/banner.

  4. Save Changes if needed. Any changes saved in this section will override the default banner used for this specific content page, so if this section is blank, do not Save.



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