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How to update the default Event Banner


  1. Go to the Pages and Content section of your event (Dashboard -> Edit Event -> Edit Content tab)
  2. Towards the bottom right hand side of this page, in the Layout Options section, select the relevant Layout type from the drop down (e.g. Default Full Width), then click the Edit button
  3. The Default Content Management section will pop-up. Select the Header section from the left overview.
  4. Replace banner image as you would normally replace an image within the content editor (see How to add or replace an image)
    Note: If you can not select the image, or the Image Properties option does not come up when you right click the image, this means you are using a Mobile Responsive event template. To update the banner on a mobile optimised event, click here
  5. Save changes, then Close pop-up

Default banner for that template has now been updated. Any new pages created, any system generated pages, and any page using the default banner, will be updated.

If you notice that the Event Banner on certain pages throughout the site have not updated, this could mean there is a Banner for that specific page that is overwriting the default layout settings. To change these page specific banners, click here to find out how.

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