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How to add or replace an Image

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Add a new image to a Page

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Edit Event -> Edit Content (see Pages and Content section)
  2. Locate the page within the table that you wish to edit. Click Edit to open the Page Editor
  3. Similar to inserting an image into a word document, first click within the content area where you would like to insert the image
  4. Select the Image icon () from the editing toolbar
  5. To upload a new image, select the Upload
    Click Browse, locate the image from within your computer
    Once selected, click Send to Server to upload this new image.
  6. You will be redirected to the image properties tab
  7. To select an existing image on the server, select Browse Server then select the image.
  8. Make any changes as needed e.g. add an alternative description to appear if the image fails to load, change dimensions of the image before inserting

    Note: You can align an image to the Right or Left of text using the 'Alignment' drop down in Image Properties.

    Tip: Best to have the image resized and optimised for the web before uploading the image to the site to reduce loading time. In general images should be less than 900px in width, and less than 400kb in file size.
  9. Click OK to insert the image into the content
  10. Click Save the update changes on the page


To Replace an existing image

  1. In the page editor, click on the image you would like to replace.
  2. Select the Image icon to open the image properties tab (alternatively, right click on the image and select image properties
  3. Either Upload a new image, or Browse Server for existing images.
  4. Once selected, change image properties if you need to

    Note: If you are replacing a mobile optimised image, remove the dimensions before clicking OK. Once inserted the image will automatically resize itself based on the event template.
  5. Click OK to insert the image into the content
  6. Click Save the update changes on the page
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