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How to Add a new page

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Edit Event -> Edit Content (see Pages and Content section)
  2. To add a new page, click the Create Page button, otherwise locate the page you wish to edit and click the action link Edit
  3. Fill out the page details as prompted.
    Title: Enter the title of the new page here
    Page URL: Create a custom URL for the new page (remember to leave out special characters, capital letters and spaces)
    Layout: This is a more advanced feature where you can specify the size of the banner to appear at the top of the new page. This should be kept consistent with already existing pages.
    Status: Select Publish to publish the page once saved and Draft to create the page but not yet publish it
  4. Click Next.You will then be redirected to the WYSIWYG editor where you can add content to the page. Click the Save button once done
  5. The new page can now be found within the Pages and Contents list of pages, for you to edit again when you need to
  6. To add this new page onto the main menu, see how to Manage the Main Menu


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