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How to Reset widgets after duplicating an Event

Each event will usually have at least 3 widgets on the home page:

  • Raised so Far total
  • Top Fundraisers
  • Top Donations

When an event is duplicated, all existing widgets will still reference the original Event ID (e.g. the Raised so far amount on the new event will show the previous event's total raised. The Top Fundraisers widget will show a list of the previous event's fundraisers). We reset these widgets within the HTML of the page content, by changing the Event ID referenced by each widget.

You can easily try resetting the widgets yourself by following the steps below, or submit a request here and we'll make the changes for you:

  1. Find and note down the original event's Event ID (see What is an Event ID and where do I find it?)
  2. Navigate to the duplicated event within your console. Find and note down the duplicated event's Event ID
  3. Navigate to Edit Content -> Pages & Content -> click Edit for any page where these widgets need to be reset (e.g. start with the Home page)
  4. Once within the Page editor, click the Source button within the editing toolbar. You will now see the content area switch to HTML view
  5. Bring up the browser's in built 'Find/Search' feature (pressing CTRL+F on your keyboard will bring this up on most browsers)
  6. Enter the original event ID you noted down in Step 1 (e.g. 3827 in this example) and Find/Search/highlight all instances of that id within the content (there will usually be 3 places on the home page that this appears, highlighted below). You can also try searching for either 'eventId' or 'eid'
  7. Replace these old ID's with the new event ID found in Step 2, or look within the browser's address bar of the current page you are on for the current 4 digit event ID (e.g. 3849 in this example).

    *Please note: When replacing the event ID within the HTML, ensure that you preserve the space before and after the number.
  8. Click Save
  9. You have now reset all the widgets on this page
  10. Repeat Steps 4-8 for any page as needed.

Always preview your changes along the way. You may need to refresh the live page to view the latest changes.

If you don't feel confident in making these changes, feel free to contact the GoFundraise Customer Care team by submitting a request here. Please include the original event ID and the new event ID within your request, and we'll make the changes for you.

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