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How to insert a Button onto a page

What you will need:

  • The image for the driver button
  • The URL that you would like the button to link to

If you do not have a button designed you can borrow one from GoFundraise. Visit GoFundraise University and under Buttons and Links, click to on the links to download an example Start Fundraising button.

Note: A driver button can be any size/shape, though ideally you do not want a driver button to overwhelm the other content on the page. Once you upload an image to the GoFundraise server you will be able to adjust the size of the button with respect to the rest of the other content on the page.

Inserting a driver button

  1. Locate the event and page you would like to edit from Dashboard -> Edit Event
  2. From Edit Content, locate the page that you wish to edit, click Edit
  3. In the Page Editor place the cursor where you wish to insert the driver button
  4. In the Editing toolbar select the image icon, either Upload the driver button image if you haven’t already, or select Browse Server to select from existing ones
  5. Once the image has been selected adjust the size as needed
  6. Click OK to insert the image
  7. To hyperlink the image, highlight the image in the Page Editor and click on the Link icon (the globe and chain icon)
  8. Insert the link as needed or use the Generate URL icon to find the URL for an existing page within your event microsite
  9. Click Save to update all changes to the page.
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