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How to duplicate a Content Page

Build a new content page easily and quickly using an existing content page as a template. Edit and modify the reproduced page as required.

First create a blank new content page, access the page you wish to duplicate, copy all the contents within this page, and paste it into the new content page. Copy over any Advanced Styles as well.

Tip: It's easier to duplicate a content page if you have one tab/window open to the editor of the ORIGINAL page, and one tab/window open to editor the NEW page.

  1. Create a blank NEW content page (see How to Add a new content page)
  2. Navigate through to the ORIGINAL content page that you wish to copy
  3. Click the Source icon in the editing toolbar
  4. Select all the HTML code and copy your clipboard

  5. Navigate back to the NEW content page
  6. Within the editor of this new page, click the Source icon and paste all the HTML that you copied in step 4
  7. Click the Source Icon once more, and edit the contents of the page as needed through the page editor.

  8. Go back to the editor of the ORIGINAL page (in step 2), on the right hand side, click the Advanced Styling link
  9. If present, copy all the code in this pop-up window
  10. Navigate back to editing the new page, click Advanced Styling and paste all the code copied in step 9.
  11. Save to apply changes to page NEW page


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