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Release Notes 2018-09-12

White Label Updates

Custom Favicons

  • Campaigns can now upload a custom favicon (A favicon is a small icon that represents your website. Favicons are most often found in the address bar of your web browser). Learn how to customise yours here.


Send Emails from Custom Email Addresses

  • It is now possible for campaign emails (such as the fundraising activation email and donation receipt) to come from custom email addresses. To organise updating the email address for your campaigns, please email amy@gofundraise.com.au

Remove some GoFundraise branding

  • Removal of the word 'GoFundraise' in the page titles of system pages e.g. Fundraising Pages, donation screens etc. This means when people share their page/event, the word 'GoFundraise' will no longer show.

Donation Page Updates

'Back' button on Donation screens

  • Menu on donation screen replaced with "Back" button to improve ease of navigation. This link will take the viewer to the previous page they were on.

Login Updates

Updated Login Page

  • We've updated the login screen to make it a mobile-first experience.

Login via Facebook

  • Users can now login via Facebook successfully

Fundraising at Work

New organisations added

  • We've added more organisations to the "Donate from your Pay" list.

General Infrastructure

SQL Updates

  • Improved performance across the platform, this includes faster loading times. 

Bug Fixes

Scheduled Payments

  • Scheduled payments which failed in error over the weekend have been processed successfully. Donors affected have been notified


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