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Release Notes 2018-08-01


User Accounts

More secure passwords

  • New and updated passwords now require 9 characters minimum (no change to existing passwords) in line with industry standards.

Captcha added on login screen

  • Implementation of Google Invisible Captcha on login to help as an additional security measure protecting user accounts and part of our ongoing security strengthening process.


Online Payments

Improved PayPal browser compatibility

  • Update to latest PayPal UI for better browser compatibility and performance

Update to latest credit card fields and tokenisation workflow

  • Credit Card payments are now processed quicker with less connection related issues during payment.

Vault Maintenance started

  • Saved Payment Vault will be unavailable for users during ongoing maintenance which may last up to four weeks. This does not affect scheduled payments

Captcha added to Payment Screens

  • To improve security and discourage fraudulent payments attempts on our platform, Google Invisible Captcha has been to our payment screens


EventCreator Services

 Ongoing platform wide shift from http:// to https:// for more secure connections

  • GoFundraise is moving towards 100% https:// access across all GoFundraise hosted pages. http:// pages will soon always redirect to https:// versions. This will begin with all the CMS pages having https:// security enforced.
  • Reminder to DesignerPro users that it is best practice that all URLs in content do not contain http://, rather they should use either relative paths "/", contextual paths "//", or https:// fully qualified URLs

Fix to Default Fundraising Page Image selected by Facebook when "Share via Facebook" is used

  • Facebook now selects the correct image (either Event Default or Fundraiser's chosen image) rather than the dollar sign icon, when the option to "Share via Facebook" is selected on a fundraising page



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