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Release Notes Version 3.15

Summary: This notice provides a formal advice of a scheduled maintenance activity on the GoFundraise Production Server

Detail: GoFundraise has a requirement to upgrade the Production server to version 3.15 which includes some important application enhancements and bug fixes.

Affected Services: During this period no impact is anticipated

Change Type: Release




The below enhancements affect newly built Custom forms ONLY. All forms pre-existing, or newly created using the Wizard, will not be affected by the below enhancements.


1) Search and Join Team Functionality added to the Fundraising Page field:

The ability to search and join teams is now available from the fundraising field. To activate this function, add a Fundraising Page field from the Advanced Fields area when creating a new Custom form. Edit the field and check the boxes ‘Allow Join Team Selection’ and ‘Allow Page Type Selection’. Whenever a user selects the page type ‘Join a Team’, they will have the ability to search and join any team pages associated with the event (i.e. if you have event selection available to the user, only team pages under that particular event are searchable and/or shown to the user).


2) Addition of a Gender field:

A Gender field has been added to the Advanced Fields area as a standalone field. This will enable you to create your forms faster without the need to manipulate a standard drop down or radio button to become a gender field. As Gender is required to create user accounts on the GF system, this will become very useful. The Gender field can be altered between a Radio and Drop down field, dependant on your preference.


3) Additional Customisation and Cleaning up of the Fundraising Page Field

In our last release, we removed the Fundraising Mapping on the form engine. This required us to create a Fundraising Page field in the Advanced Fields area so that the system would know when you wanted to create fundraising pages from the form. In this release, we have added in additional customisation to suit your needs. These new features include:

Ability to show/hide customisable areas of a fundraising page to the user

  • Allow Page Type
  • Allow Join Team Selection
  • Allow Page Title
  • Allow Page URL
  • Allow Period of time to fundraise
  • Allow Fundraising target
  • Allow Event Selection
  • Allow Beneficiary Selection

Ability to customise the field label of each area of the fundraising page. These areas include

  • Page Type
  • Page Title
  • Page URL
  • Period of time to fundraise
  • Fundraising target
  • Event Selection
  • Beneficiary Selection
  • Dynamic hiding of the edit field when an area is unchecked – when you choose to NOT show any particular area of the fundraising page (page title, page type etc), that area is hidden from the edit preview so you can more easily manage your form and see what the user sees. It is not as clustered as before.


1) Improved Validation Messaging across Event Creator and the Forms area

We know that the removal of mapping and the addition of newly dynamic fields such as the Payment, Payment Summary, Terms and Conditions, Gender, Date of Birth, and Fundraising Page Fields have made it a new experience when creating Custom forms. As we want you to be able to only create forms that work, the implementation of validation messaging was of the upmost importance. You will now see new messaging when you add, save or delete any part of the form. These new messages are concise and colour coded, and they will always appear in the top right of your browser. If you wish to pin them to give yourself more time to read what you need to do, you can do so by clicking the small ‘pin’ icon in the top right of the message. The colours are Green (Successfully saved), Blue (added/deleted successfully) and Red (NOT saved successfully).

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