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Release notes Version 3.13

Summary: This notice provides a formal advice of a scheduled maintenance activity on the GoFundraise Production Server

Detail: GoFundraise has a requirement to upgrade the Production server to version 3.13 which includes some important application enhancements and bug fixes.

Affected Services: During this period no impact is anticipated

Change Type: Release



1) Removal of Payment Mapping from Custom forms

For all newly created Custom Forms, we have eliminated the need for payment mapping. Instead, we have added in payment fields to the Custom Form builder.

New fields are:

  • Payment
  • Regular Payment
  • Date of Birth
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Payment Summary

There is no longer a second page payment screen. Payment fields have been added to the form builder and all payments are now made within the form for newly created Custom Forms.


2) Addition of Validation Messages within the form builder for Custom Forms

For all newly created Custom Forms, additional validation messaging has been implemented. This will assist with the understanding on creating new Custom forms and the new payment fields


3) Addition of tool tips within form fields

For ALL FORMS there is now the addition of the tool tips. This is a small question mark icon that has information about what each area of the field is. This has been implemented to assist with form building.

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