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How to Delete an existing registration/form entry

During the course of an event, your may need to delete an existing form submission or registration entry. Here's how:

  1. Starting on the Event Dashboard (), locate the event you wish to edit and click Edit Event (see Edit an existing Event)
  2. From the side bar hover over the Registration and Forms Tab. Select the form you wish to work on.
  3. If there are existing entries to this form, there will be a Table of Entries showing. Each row is one entry, each column is one field in the form
  4. To Delete an existing entry, locate that row entry within the Table of Entries
  5. In the right most column of the table, click View for that row entry.
  6. Then click Delete to delete this entry

    Careful: Deleting an entry is permanent. There is no way to retrieve a deleted entry. If in doubt, DO NOT delete the entry, rather just mark it in some way within the form (e.g. insert Admin Only text field in the form, check the form as incomplete)

    Note: Deleting a registration Entry does not automatically delete any Fundraising page or Donation made as part of the registration. Fundraising pages need to be deleted separately, and payments need refunded (Refund Policy applies). With the correct admin access you can delete a fundraising page on behalf of the page owner.

    Alternatively, submit a request to our Customer Care team with the URL links to the fundraising page that you would like us to delete.
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