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How to Download / Export Registration and Form Data

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Registration Export

This export will contain information specific to the chosen registration form. Each row is one entry, each column corresponds to one field in the form.

  1. Once you have logged into your GoFundraise Account, click Admin
  2. From the main side menu click Dashboard, to view the list of events
  3. From the action items for this event click Edit
  4. From the Event Side Menu however over Registrations and Forms
  5. Select the relevant form from the Sub menu
  6. Within this Form Management section will be a Table of Entries. In the header row of the table of entries, hover over the Export Options arrow () , and select either Export View OR Export All

    Export View - To export only the columns you have selected to display through the Edit View / Create View options. (See How to Create Custom Views for more information)

    Export All - To Export ALL the columns of the form

  7. Follow the prompts to generate and download the Registration Report. A yellow box will appear to let you know that your form is processing
  8. Refresh the page now and then. Once completed you will notice that the message will turn green and provide you with a download link to obtain your report. You will also receive an email notification once the report is ready
Each row is one entry, each column corresponds with one field in the form.
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