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How to set default Event Fundraising Targets

There are three default targets you can set within a Vision Event:

  • Event Target (overall target for the event which can be displayed on the Fundometer Widget)
  • Default Fundraising Page Target (when an Individual page is created for this event, the fundraising target will default to this value)
  • Default Team Fundraising Target (when a Team page is created for this event, the fundraising target for the team will default to this value)

  1. Go to edit your event
  2. Go to Event Details and Settings -> Event Settings -> Event Target
  3. Set the targets leaving the ones you don't want to set as blank.
  4. If you leave these fields blank, the default Individual target will be $700, and the default Team Target will be $2000. The Target on the Fundometer Widget will only display if there is a target set here.
  5. Click Save Changes to update the targets.
  6. The new targets will now apply to any new fundraising page created, and event target will display on fundometer.

Note: The Fundraising/Team Page Targets will apply for any page created under the event, including those created through a Registration Form. It is a soft target - each fundraiser can update their targets at any time (see How do I change my fundraising target?)

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