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How to change the default Font settings

To keep your font types and sizes consistent throughout your event, set the default font type and sizes within the Event Details and Settings –> Text Styling section of Event Creator.

  1. Go to Event Details and Settings (click here to see how)
  2. Under the sub-section Style Settings select Text Styling­

  3. From here simply click to change the Font Type, Font Size, and Font Colour of the available font styles (Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, and Body Text)
  4. Font Styles are available to use when you edit a Text Box. Within the Text Box editor first click within the line/paragraph you wish to style. Then select the Style icon and select from available Font Styles to apply that particular style.

    Note: Any changes to the default Text Styling will reflect across the site where text has been assigned that Font Style.

    Tip: For a tidy website, it is best practice to keep your Font Styles consistent throughout the site. i.e. Assign Heading 1 to all main headings, assign Heading 2 to all subheadings etc etc
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