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How to change the default Colour Scheme

To change the basic colour scheme of the event (e.g. widget colours, button colours, background, main menu colours etc)

  1. Go to Event Details and Settings (click here to see how)
  2. Under the section Style Settings select Widget Styling­

  3. From here simply click to change the Colour, Font type, and font size of various sections of the site. See the changes you make in real-time on the right hand side preview.
  4. Once changes have been made, click Save to apply the changes, otherwise simply refresh the page to have the settings revert to what they were prior to the changes you made.
    Reset Changes: If you have started to make changes to colours etc but want to revert to the settings you started with, refresh the page you are one without Saving the changes.

    Revert to Default: If you wish to revert ALL changes to the Template’s Default settings, click the Revert to Default button then click Save to apply the updates
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