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Refund Policy

Each user that makes a donation and/or purchase through the platform has agreed to the following terms of use;

“11.Any donation, purchases or other transactions made through the Platform by a User inserting that User’s credit card details is final and not disputable. Where there has been an unauthorised use of a User’s credit card, and the unauthorised nature of that use is proved on the balance of probabilities, then the donation will be refunded unless it has already been credited to the relevant Beneficiary.”

In general, donations through GoFundraise are non-refundable due to the processing costs associated with facilitating online payments.

We do refund under specific circumstances in accordance with our refund policy and vulnerable donor policy but are unable to refund donations if an event has been canceled or a fundraiser is no longer able to attend. 

We have to be extra diligent around processing refunds as this is open to fraudulent behaviour - many transactions through GoFundraise issue a tax-deductible receipt at time of donation. In the 1st instance we ask that you contact the Beneficiary and request that they manage your refund. If this is not possible, the processing fees for refunds through GoFundraise are as follows:

Transaction Type Donation amount Processing Fee*
For Visa, Master Card and PayPal Transactions $0-$1,500 $35 flat rate
For Amex transactions $0-$1,500 $35 flat rate
For all card types $1,501 and higher 2% of the donation amount + $10 admin

*This will be assessed at the time of request on a case by case basis.

As with many online payment platforms, GoFundraise gets charged for the initial transaction by payment gateways and banks etc. The cost of this transaction makes up part of the refund fee along with the internal cost of processing the refund. These costs are then passed on to the person who made the initial transaction. We assess each refund request carefully before passing on these costs.

PLEASE NOTE: If it has been more than 14 days since the transaction has been made we are unable to process the refund as the money would have been remitted to the beneficiary. Please liaise with the charity directly to request a refund.

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