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Vulnerable Donor Policy 


GoFundraise aims at providing the best fundraising and donation experience to the beneficiaries registered on the platform and their supporters, including following clear guidelines about vulnerable donors as per the recommendation from the ACNC. 

Identifying someone in a potentially vulnerable situation  

Examples of indicators which could lead GoFundraise to believe that an individual does not have the mental capacity to make an informed decision, is in a vulnerable circumstance, or needs additional support could include people:  

  • with intellectual disabilities that affect comprehension or understanding 
  • with physical or mental health issues (permanent or temporary) 
  • who don’t fully understand the language the fundraiser is speaking 
  • experiencing financial difficulty 
  • experiencing stress or anxiety (including that induced by a request for a donation) 
  • under the influence of alcohol or drugs 
  • who are unable to care for themselves (especially those who rely on the support or care of a charity), and 
  • who are elderly (especially those without close support) and very young. 

The extent to which a person’s capacity to make a decision about donating is reduced will depend on their particular circumstances. Some people in vulnerable circumstances may still be capable of making an informed decision if they have extra care and support. 

Having the capacity to make a decision to donate to charity means that a person is able to, either alone or with support, fully understand the information presented to them, carefully consider the information and the consequences of their decision, and communicate their decision clearly. 


Dealing with a vulnerable donor 

If a donor is unable to make a decision as per GoFundraise’s or per the beneficiary’s judgement, we will not accept a donation from them. If the donation has already been made and we receive further evidence that the individual lacked capacity at the time the donation was made, GoFundraise will return the donation on behalf of the organisation if we still hold the funds, otherwise the beneficiary will be notified. 
We recognize that in some cases the person may be considered in a vulnerable circumstance but might still have capacity to choose to donate. In this context, additional support will be provided to this person in order for them to have all the information and time needed to make a decision. 



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