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What is meant by 'visual confirmation of bank account' or 'proof of bank account'?


As part of the GoFundraise validation process, in Australia and New Zealand, we require visual confirmation of the bank account details. This is to ensure we deposit funds into the correct account and that this account is connected to the organisation/beneficiary.

Visual proof of the bank account must clearly display all of the following on the same document:

  • Account Name
  • BSB
  • Account Number
  • Bank Name

Accepted forms of proof

Bank Name, Account Name, BSB Number, and Account Number are commonly seen on the following:

  • Bank statements
  • Internet banking account screens
  • Deposit slips 
  • Cheques
  • Download 'Proof of account balance' document from bank (blank out account balance)

A digital copy of any of the above is acceptable as long as it clearly displays 4 elements: Bank Name, Account Name, BSB number, Bank Account number (transactional information can be blanked out).

If any of these are unavailable, we can also accept a letter (using the official letterhead of the company/organisation) from the CFO or other authorised representative with the bank details listed.

Many banks will provide an easy way for account holders to download a Proof of Account Balance document:

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