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FAQs Split Charity Accounts


Does each charity need to create a separate account in its own right?

Yes. Each charity that is to be part of this split account need to have a separate account on GoFundraise at the Free Basic Licence level at least.


Does a single account need to be created that incorporates all charities?

Yes. Once all individual charities are on board, a separate individual is account that joins all charities involved. Donations made through this joint account are automatically divided between all charities at time of remittance.


Can a split charity account be setup by the charities themselves, or does it need to be created by GoFundraise?

Created by GoFundraise. Once the setup fee has been received GoFundraise will be the one to setup the split charity account.


Can the charities involved set the percentage split?

No. The percentage split is automatically an even split between all charities involved e.g. If charity A and B setup a split account, each charity will receive 50% of donations that come through.


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