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Sharing your Vision Event online: Control what information Facebook displays

Successful online events make use of Social Media and the peer-to-peer behaviour of 'sharing', 'liking', and 'following'. During an online campaign you won't always be in control of when and where your event link is shared, but you can control what information appears when someone promotes your link on social media. The tips below will help influence what information social media platforms scrape off your Vision Event site when the URL is shared on Facebook.

Typically when a URL is shared, the post will appear like this:

Link Page Title ('Hightea for Hamlin')

- By default this is taken from the Page Title of the Home page of your Website. Ensure that your home page has a descriptive Page Title rather than just 'Home'. Click here to see how to change the Page Title of a Content Page

Link Description ('Gather your friends, family...')

- By default this is taken from the first paragraph of text on the home page (see How to edit a Text Widget)

Image Thumbnail (HighTea for Hamlin banner)

- By default this is the largest image on the page being shared. Largest original sized image uploaded to the home page. If you want the Event Banner to appear as the image in posts, then make sure all images you upload are less than 940px wide before uploading them to the site.



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