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How do I login to the GoFundraise Admin account?

If you have been setup as the Administrator your GoFundraise account will have Admin Privileges for your charity/organisation. This will give you access to edit the charity profile, edit events, and pull out reports. There are a limited number of admin logins that can be setup per charity, based on what type of charity account you have with GoFundraise. To check who has Admin Logins, contact support@gofundraise.com.

To access your GoFundraise Admin Account, do the following:

  1. Login to GoFundraise (see How to Login to my GoFundraise Account)
  2. In the top right corner, click Admin (if you do not see the Admin button then you are not logged in using the Admin Login for your charity. Contact Support to find out which email(s) is setup as the Admin login for your charity/event)


From your GoFundraise Admin account you can use the main side bar to access:

  • Charity Profile settings
  • Event Dashboard to manage your events
  • Real-time reporting module
  • Regular Giving scheduled payments
  • Invoices and Payments to view fortnightly funds remitted to the charity
  • Users module
  • Help and Support




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