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Event Details and Settings Overview

Change basic event information in the Event Details and Settings section.

  • Starting on the Event Dashboard (), locate the event you wish to edit and click Edit Event (see Edit an existing Event)
  • From the side bar select the Event Details and Settings Tab

  1. Event Name
    The name of the Event as it appears throughout the GoFundraise site
  2. Event Banner
    This is the Event Banner Icon that appears throughout the GoFundraise site to represent this event (e.g. in the Event Search). This is not necessarily the main Event Banner that appears on the actual event site
  3. Beneficiary
    The primary beneficiary of this event. If more than one charity needs to be available as a beneficiary for this event, please contact a member of our Customer Support Team
  4. Event Date
    Select either a single event date, or a date range.
  5. Disable Fundraising Creation via GF Home Page
    By default, anyone can create a fundraising page for an event through the GoFundraise Home Page. Checking this option will disable this. Particularly useful if an Event has a registration form that participants need to fill out before being given the option to fundraise.
  6. Allow Regular Giving
    Check this box if you would like the option to create a regular giving donation to be available for people donating to a fundraising page
  7. Regular Giving End Date
    Select an end date if you want to limit the time that regular giving is available for this event. Leave blank if there is no limit.
  8. Terms and Conditions
    Add event specific Terms and Conditions here. This will appear within the Terms and Conditions box for any form created for this event.
  9. Manage Beneficiaries
    View list of charities involved in this event and how they are ranked (for multi-charity events)
  10. Save
    Save any changed made to the Event Details and Settings section of the event



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