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How to deposit cash collected to my Fundraising Page

During the course of your fundraising, you might come across some donors who will prefer to hand you cash. There are a few options on how to deposit this amount to your Fundraising Page:

  • Make a donation on behalf of the donor using your own online Payment Method (e.g. credit card, paypal
  • Use the Deposit Collected Funds option for a collection of funds
  • Contact the charity directly regarding Direct Deposit


Make the donation on behalf of the donor (ideal for single donations)

If you are able to, use your own credit card or PayPal account to make the online payment for the amount you have been given. The details of the donor (i.e. First Name, Last Name, and Email address) should all be the Donors details as they will be issued a receipt with those details.

Deposit Collected Funds option (ideal for collected funds)

If you have collected cash funds from several people (e.g. collection tin around the office), you can choose the 'Deposit Collected Funds' option on your fundraising page (see Deposit Collected Funds - Compliance Update for online payments for Collected Funds) which will issue a non-tax deductible receipt for the lump sum deposited. If a tax deductible receipt is required, choose the first option OR contact the charity directly.

Contact the Charity to make a Direct Deposit

Some charities have the facility to accept donations via direct deposit. Please contact the charity directly for further advice. You can request that the charity add the specified amount to your online fundraising page.

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