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How do I donate to a Charity, Cause, or Fundraiser through GoFundraise

Make a donation through GoFundraise to support your Charity or Cause in just a few clicks. You can choose to donate directly to a charity or show your support for a fundraiser on our platform.

To donate directly to a Charity, use our Charity Search page to locate your chosen cause (https://www.gofundraise.com.au/beneficiaries/search)

To donate in support of a Fundraiser, use our Fundraiser Search page to find your friend or team fundraising page (https://www.gofundraise.com.au/pages/search)

  1. Visit the Charity Cause page, Fundraising Page, or Event Site and click the Donate button.
  2. Enter or select a donation amount

  3. Complete your Donation Details

  4. Select a Payment Option, agree to the Terms and Conditions, then click Donate Now to complete the transaction.

  5. You have now donated to your Charity or Cause and a receipt will be emailed through to you.



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