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What does GoFundraise charge for their services?

If you are fundraising for a charity (the ‘Beneficiary’), they have an agreement with GoFundraise in regards to the fees we charge. Here is a basic overview of this agreement:

  Australia New Zealand
Service Fee for donations through fundraising* 3.95% - 6% + GST 3.95% - 5% + GST
Service Fee for donations through an organisation's free fundraising portal^ 0.49% + GST 0.75% + GST
Service Fee for Regular Giving 1.95% + GST 1.95% + GST

*Depends on the licence level of the Beneficiary. The fee is deducted from gross donations collected on behalf of the Beneficiary, or Organisation. Regular giving payments are charged at 1.95% + GST to the Beneficiary.

^Find your organisation's free fundraising portal here https://www.gofundraise.com.au/beneficiaries/search

Processing fees Visa/Mastercard | 1.1% (inc GST)
American Express | 1.98% (inc GST)
PayPal | 2.1% (GST Exempt)
Visa/Mastercard | 1.4% (GST Exempt)
American Express | 2.9% (GST Exempt)
PayPal | 2.9% (GST Exempt)
GoFundraise also recovers credit card processing fees from the gross donations set by market rate
Transaction Fees
(per transaction)
Visa/Mastercard | $0.20c (inc GST)
American Express | $0.20c (inc GST)
PayPal | $0.20c (GST Exempt)
Visa/Mastercard | $0.18c (inc GST)
American Express | $0.18c (inc GST)
PayPal | $0.50c (GST Exempt)
Transactions to multiple organisations in a transaction may incur an additional $0.20c (or $0.50c for PayPal) fee per beneficiary
Example breakdown


*These fees are subject to change without notice.*

For more details please view our full Australian Terms and Conditions or New Zealand Terms and Conditions.

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