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Introducing your Free Fundraising Portal


Video 1 - What is your fundraising portal

Video 1 - What is your fundraising portal from GoFundraise on Vimeo.


All charities/organisations on the GoFundraise platform receive a free fundraising portal available by searching for the charity/organisation name on our Beneficiary Search page here



  1. Beneficiary Name
    As it appears on the ABN register and how it appears throughout the GoFundraise Platform
  2. Logo
    Editable through GoFundraise Admin account Charity Profile section
  3. Fundraiser Leader Board
    • Top Individuals – This refers to the highest earning individuals who have created their own page and are fundraising on behalf of your charity or cause
    • Top Teams – This refers to the highest earning teams in support of your charity or cause.
  4. Beneficiary description
    Visible on all fundraising pages raising funds for this beneficiary
  5. Calls to Action
    Direct links to prompt visitors to either Start Fundraising, Donate, Share or Find a fundraiser
    • The ‘Start Fundraising’ button allows individuals or teams to sign in and create their own fundraising page in support of your cause.
    • The ‘Donate’ button allows supporters to donate quickly and easily to the beneficiary.
    • The ‘Share’ button shows a list of options to share the cause page
    • The ‘Find Fundraiser’ button allows individuals to find a fundraising page for the beneficiary.
  6. Fundraising Opportunities
    List of events that this charity is a beneficiary of
  7. Recent Donors
    List of donors who have recently donated directly to the beneficiary


Video 2 - Creating a Fundraising Page

Video 2 - Creating a fundraidng page from GoFundraise on Vimeo.


Video 3 - Using auto-activate to promote a fundrising page

Video 3 - Using auto-ativate on a fundraising page from GoFundraise on Vimeo.


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