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Campaign Monitor Integration FAQs


How do Campaign Monitor and GoFundraise Integrate?

Fundraising data from GoFundraise is automatically synced into Campaign Monitor. See 'CM Integration Import Template' in the Related Downloads section below. These are all standard fields that are mapped into Campaign Monitor.


Can you trigger Campaign Monitor emails in GoFundraise?

You can trigger the emails in Campaign Monitor – using GoFundraise data.


Does this activity then connect to SalesForce as well?

If you have an integration between Campaign Monitor and Salesforce, then it will.


What type of tracking is possible with the inbuilt GoFundraise mail?

All tracking that is possible through Campaign Monitor (standard email metrics: open rate, click rate, you can see a heatmap showing where people click, and you can add Google Analytics tracking codes to all links).


Can donor activity trigger a Campaign Monitor email in GoFundraise e.g. if they reach a fundraising target?

Yes. We recommend workflows based off hitting targets (except it will trigger an email to send in Campaign Monitor, not in GoFundraise).


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