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Custom Domains and Custom Emails

GoFundraise now has the capability of setting up Custom Domains and Custom Emails. This means you are now able to have your own domain for event microsites, registration forms, donation and fundraising pages enhancing your branding and user experience. Please allow for additional setup time and cost when considering Custom Domains/Emails.


What are Custom Domains?

By default, all event sites created on GoFundraise are just subdomains off our main gofundraise.com.au domain i.e. https://eventname.gofundraise.com.au where eventname is customisable by event creators.

A Custom Domain means when your supporters visit your white label campaign, instead of seeing a URL with “.gofundraise.com.au”, they will now see the URL that you choose (eg: “www.eventname.org“)


What are Custom Emails?

GoFundraise has several system notifications/emails which are triggered automatically e.g. Fundraising Activation email, Thank You for Donating emails, Registration confirmation emails etc.

By default, these will be issued from a GoFundraise email address e.g. info@gofundraise.com.au.

Custom Emails allows you to use emails from a pre-approved domain instead of the GoFundraise emails e.g. support@myevent.com.au instead of info@gofundraise.com.au


Additional setup costs may apply.

If you’d like for your campaign to use a domain of your choosing, please fill in this form for more information:



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