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Tips to Promote Your Fundraising Page

To help you reach your fundraising target, we’ve put 6 easy tips to fundraising together for you:

  1. Make a donation yourself. The first donation is the most important, your supporters will look at your first donation to determine how much to donate. This will also show that you’re dedicated to your cause.
  2. Ask your biggest potential donors first. Reaching out to your close family, or to people you think are likely to donate a large amount will encourage others to increase the amount that they give. Before donating, most people look at your recent donations to determine how much to give.
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  3. Share your page on Facebook and encourage your friends to share it as well. For the best results, include a photo of yourself training or getting ready for your event if you can.
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  4. Email everyone you know. This will boost your total right away! Don’t forget to send a reminder email as well – often the reminder will raise even more than the first email!
  5. Personalise your fundraising page with a photo and some information about why you’ve chosen to fundraise for your cause. For more information on how to personalise your fundraising page, please click here.
  6. Be refreshingly different! Dare yourself to do something crazy when you reach your target (eg: dye your hair, shave your head, bungee jump etc). Research shows that 98% of fundraisers who create their own milestone go on to reach their target.
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