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How can I share my Fundraising Page from a Mobile Phone?

Sharing your Fundraising Page on a Mobile Phone has never been easier. When you view your page on a mobile device, you will now see a 'Share' button next to the usual 'Donate' button. When you click on 'Share', you will see various options to share via Facebook, SMS, Email or to Copy the link.


Share via Facebook

  1. Click the Share via Facebook option (the number next to this option is the number of times this link has been 'Shared' so far)
  2. Login to Facebook when prompted
  3. Edit the post settings and click Post
  4. The page link has now been shared onto your Facebook Wall

Share via SMS

  1. Click the Share via SMS option
  2. Your phone's default SMS app will open up with the Page Link in the new text
  3. Enter the number you wish to send this SMS to, and click Send
    *standard SMS rates apply dependant on your mobile provider. Contact your mobile provider for more information on SMS rates

Share via Email

  1. Click the Share via Email option
  2. Your phone's default Email app will open with the Page Link within the body of a new email
  3. Enter the address details and click send

Copy Link

  1. Click the Copy Link option
  2. This will copy the page link to your phone's Clipboard
  3. You can now Paste this link where ever it needs to go e.g. Text Document, email, note, chat etc





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