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What do the Fitbit permissions mean?

When connecting your Fitbit account, there are some permissions that you are asked to agree to. Here is a brief explanation of what each permission allows. All permissions are recommended but no required. The bare minimum for any data to sync is 'Activity and Exercise': Weight, Friends and Heart Rate are currently not in use by GoFundraise.


Location and GPS

Allowing location and GPS is needed to display recent activity maps and location data. These maps will only show if you had your GPS/location on while recording the data.

Activity and Exercise

Allowing Activity and Exercise is needed to show ANY fitness data in your fundraising page Activity tab. 


Allowing Profile information will help us identify you and will help you know what fitbit account you have connected to GoFundraise.


Includes weight and related information, such as body mass index, body fat percentage, and goals.


Includes friend-related features, such as your friend list, invitations, and leaderboard

Heart rate

Includes any heart rate activity logged.




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