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What is a Fundraiser Report and how do I generate one?

Requires access to the Real-Time Reporting Module

A fundraiser report will give you a list of all the Fundraisers for your Event/Charity, who have Active Fundraising pages. This report includes the details associated with that page e.g. Raised so far amount, Page Owner details, Fundraising Target, page details etc. You must have the Reporting Module before being able to pull out a Fundraiser report.

  1. Login to your GoFundraise Admin account
  2. Click on the Real-Time Reporting () icon from the main left side bar
  3. Under My Report Templates, find Fundraiser Report, and click the Schedule link.

    If you do not see the Real-Time Reporting icon, click here to contact your account manager about getting the module
  4. On this page, you will see that the Report Type is pre-selected to Fundraiser Report. Select the other parameters of your report. Then scroll down and click Schedule

    Report Name - enter a name for your report so you can easily find it later
    Beneficiary - If you manage more than one Beneficiary, than you will see more than one option here
    Event - If your charity is connected to multiple events, you can choose a specific event here
    Page Create Date range - select a date range for the data of this report

  5. You will be redirected to the main Real-Time reporting page. Scroll to the Scheduled Reports section and eventually a Download Report link will appear.
    Refresh, or re-visit the page a few minutes later to see if the report is ready. You will also receive an email once the report is ready


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