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I am unable to logout of my account

What you're experiencing is a browser caching issue, when logged into an account for a certain period of time your browser tends to store password data. Or when you are viewing a website your browser will store old information to help the site loader quicker.
You might be experiencing login/logout issues as your browser is still loading the old information from it's cache and keeping you logged in.

Over time, your browser will pick up new information, however to speed up this process, what you can do is clear out your browser's cache.

Instructions on how to do this vary depending on which browser you are using, so it's best to check for specific instructions for your browser.
Here is a handy site that has instructions on how to clear the cache of most up to date browsers. Simply, visit and select your browser.


Once you've cleared the cache, it's best to either refresh the page you are on, or just close the browser window and reopen it.

Should you still be experiencing either login/logout issues, or the website is still showing old content that you know has been updated, please email through the following information an we can investigate further:

  • The browser you are using
  • What device and or operating system you are using (e.g. Windows, Mac, PC, Iphone, Samsung Tablet etc)
  • A screenshot of the page you are on
  • A description of the information that is missing
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