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Using Widgets to add content to a page

Each piece of content on a page is made up of a series of Widgets.

How to Add Content to a Page

With Event Creator Vision, adding content to a page is as simple as click, drag, and drop. A page of content is made of a grid of 3 columns, each row added as 3 slots available for content.

  1. Click the Widget you want to add from the Widget menu
  2. Drag the widget onto your page
  3. and Drop the widget into an open slot

Types of Widgets

There is one type of Widget for each type of content you would need to add to your event and we are continually making more.

Text - Adds a text box for text content. The width of a text box can be expanded to take up more than one slot

Image - Adds a single image onto the page. Width can be expanded to take up more than one slot

Gallery - Add multiple images into a slider gallery. Width of gallery can be expanded to take up more than one slot

Fundometer - Adds a Raised So Far tally for your event on the page. You can add an image that matches your event, or use the default image that comes with the chosen template

Button - Adds a box of up to 3 buttons for 'call to action' links

Top Fundraisers - A list of Top Fundraisers that automatically displays the top fundraisers of the event in real-time.


How to Edit Existing Widgets

Each widget has its own settings/properties that you can change.

  1. Simply click a widget within the page editor, and the settings/properties box for the particular widget will pop up.
  2. Make edits as needed, click Done to apply changes
  3. Click Save to save all the changes made to the page


How to Rearrange content on a page

To rearrange content on a page, you can click and drag a widget from one position to any open slot within the same page.

When moving widgets around, the site will always try and match the size of the widget you are moving. E.g. if you move a 2 slot widget to the next row, if there are 2 open slots, the widget will keep the same size.

Otherwise, the widget will resize automatically to fit within the available slot.


How to change the size of a Widget

Some type of Widgets are designed so that they can take up 1, 2, or 3 slots.

To increase the width of a widget, simply hover over the edge of a widget until you your cursor changes to the double headed arrow ( ), click then drag the edge of the widget across the empty slots.

The types of widgets that can be expanded are currently the Image, Gallery, and Text widgets

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