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Changing Event Details and Settings

The Event Details and Settings section of an event is where you can go to set the basic design (e.g. Text and Widget Styling, Event Colours) and basic event information (e.g. Event Location, Date, URL, Terms and Conditions).

  1. Login to your GoFundraise Admin Account (see How to login to your GoFundraise Admin Account)
  2. Go to the Event Dashboard, locate the event you wish to edit and click Edit Event
  3. From the left side bar, select the Event Details and Settings tab
  4. From here you can now change the following:
    Style Settings: Text and Widget styling
    Event Details: Name, URL, Date, Contact information, Location
    Event Settings: Beneficiaries, Terms and Conditions
  5. Simply select the section you wish to edit, make your changes, and click the Save button


Click here for FAQs on Editing Event Details and Settings

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