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How to rearrange the Main Menu and edit Menu Items

In some case you may need to rearrange the menu items as they appear on the main menu of your event site.

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Edit Event -> Edit Content
  2. Under the subheading Menu Items, you will see all the current items on the main menu in the order that they appear on the live site.
  3. Hover over one of the main menu items (e.g. Donate to a Fundraiser in this example).

    To remove an item from the menu, click the Bin Icon
    To edit the item settings click the Pencil icon
    To rearrange the main menu order, click and drag a menu item up or down to slot it into position.
  4. See the main menu order update in the page overview. When ready, click the Save Changes button to apply the menu change.
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