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How to add another Item to the Main Menu


  1. Go to Dashboard -> Edit Event -> Edit Content
  2. Under the sub-heading Menu Items, click Add a Menu Item
  3. Select the appropriate settings for this new menu item.

    Name/Label – The text that will display on the menu item
    Link Type – Choose from linking to a System Page, a Content Page, and external URL, or to no page at all (click here to read about the different link types available)
    Open in new tab – Choose if you want this Link to open in a new tab/window when a person clicks on it
  4. Click Done to add the new menu item.


Link Types

System Page – Direct links to certain GoFundraise Pages that have a specific function. E.g. Search for a Fundraiser (/pages/search), Create a fundraising page (/pages/create)

Content Page – Link to one of the content pages within your Event, including Form pages.

External URL – Link to a non-GoFundraise website/webpage

No Link – create a button on the menu with no link

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