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What is a Transaction/Donor report and how do I generate one?

Requires access to the Real-Time Reporting Module

A Transaction/Donor report is a report of all the transactions which have come through the GoFundraise platform for your charity/event in real-time, and can be used to give you a list of all the donors for your campaign.

You can use this report to see how much has been raised for a particular event, which page has been receiving donations, what amounts donors have been donating etc etc. You can filter by transaction made to fundraising page, to the charity directly, as part of a regular giving payment, as part of a registration and more.

Each row in the report is one transaction, and each column in the report is information about that transaction as it appears on our database.

To export a Transaction/Donor report, do the following:

  1. Once logged in to your GoFundraise Admin Account, select the Real-Time Reporting () icon from the left side bar
  2. List under My Report Templates, find the Donor/Transaction (Transaction/Donor) report and click Schedule

    Those with Advanced Reporting can select Create Report Template to customise their report

  3. Choose the settings you require for this report e.g. Beneficiary, Event, Date Range
  4. Click Schedule,then scroll to the Scheduled Reports section.
  5. Once the report is ready to download (refresh/revisit the page), there will be a Download Report link next to View and Delete.






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