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Duplicate an existing Event

  1. Go to your Dashboard of events ()
  2. Scroll to the event you would like to duplicate then from the action items available, click Duplicate
  3. When prompted add the new subdomain for your new event (one word using characters 0-9, a-z, and/or hyphens. No spaces). The subdomain of an event is the unique part of the Event URL e.g. if your desired URL is myevent2016.gofundraise.com.au, then enter myevent2016 in this field. You can change the Event URL at a later stage if you need to. Check the Include Form so any forms from the original event are also copied over (it is recommended to leave this box checked so you don’t have to create a form from scratch).
  4. Click Duplicate.
  5. Your new event will now appear at the top of your Dashboard of events, ready for you to edit.


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