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How to Manage your Team Page

Fundraising as a group is made easy on GoFundraise with our Team Fundraising feature. Register a team by creating a Team Leader page first, then get your team members to Join their individual fundraising pages to your Team page.

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How to Manage your Fundraising Team

As the Team Leader you can view/remove team members, and send emails to team members right from your GoFundraise Account.

  1. Login to your GoFundraise account, and navigate to My Account -> My Fundraising.
  2. If you are the team leader who created the page, then you will see the Team Page in your page list.
    If you do not see the page in your list, contact Customer Care with the team name and your email address to confirm which account the page was created with

  3. Click Team Management. From here you can either Email your team members, or Remove an unwanted team member by clicking the Remove button
    Once you remove a team member you will need to ask them to re-join, or contact Customer Care with the team member's name and team page.


How to Edit a Team Fundraising Page

To edit a Team Fundraising Page, first login to your GoFundraise Account.

Go to My Account -> My Fundraising, and click Manage Page for the Team Page in the list you wish to edit.

Make the changes to the page and click Save.

  • Page Title - This will be the Team Name
  • Team Target - this is the combined target your team would like to raise
  • Fundraising Target - This is the amount that you as the Team Leader would like to raise
  • Fundraising Image - Team Logo if you have one, or an image to represent your team



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