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How to create a custom report template

How to create a custom report template

Custom report templates are a great way to sort and organise your data, extracting the exact information you need.

Creating a custom report template

  1. From the left hand main side bar, select Real-Time Reporting ()
  2. Here you are able to run the following reports: ‘Standard Fundraiser’, ‘Donor’, and ‘Regular Giving’ reports. To create a custom report click Create Report Template

  3. Select the type of report you would like to create and complete the following fields:
    • Report Name – Enter a name for the report that you are creating
    • Beneficiary – Select the relevant beneficiary (usually just one charity)
    • Event or Campaign – Elect to extract data from a specific event, or all events
    • Report Column Headings – Discard columns that are not relevant by unchecking the boxes. You are also able to drag and drop column headings to organise your report in a specific order
    • Add Filters – This is critical in helping you sort data. For example, you may want to filter data by who has opted-in to
      receive newsletters, or you may want to only view a certain date range, thus adding transaction date/date created (depending on whether it’s a donor or fundraiser report)
    • Add Sort – This allows you to sort the data by certain column, either ascending or descending.
    • File Format –Choose the file type you would like to download
    • Display Header – The report can be delivered as raw data, or with a header label (this is important when importing data into  your data base)
    • Delivery Notification – Elect to be notified by email when your report is ready
  4. When you have chosen the above click Save or Save & Schedule to run the report. This report has been saved so that you can come back to it, edit different fields, and schedule new reports
  5. To download the report, click View next to your new scheduled report
    Note: Reports can take a couple of minutes to process. Keep hitting Refresh until the report has processed and you are able to Download the report.

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