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How to create a custom report template

How to create a custom report template

Custom report templates are a great way to sort and organise your data, extracting the exact information you need.

  1. From the left hand main side bar, select Real-Time Reporting ()
  2. Here you are able to run the following reports: ‘Standard Fundraiser’, ‘Donor’, and ‘Regular Giving’ reports. To create a custom report click Create Report Template

  3. Select the Report Type. Report Types available may vary depending on the modules you have. 

    The two common types of reports are:
    • Fundraiser - a list of all active fundraising pages and how much they have raised
    • Transaction/Donor - a list of all the transactions through the platform. Choose 'Transaction/Donor (Event Creator)' if you see the option as it has more data
  4. Enter other criteria/parameters for your report. If in doubt, just select your Beneficiary and/or Event Name and filter/sort through the resulting spreadsheet. A brief description of the other parameters below:

    Report Name – Enter a name for the report that you are creating
    Beneficiary – Select the relevant beneficiary (usually just one charity)
    Event or Campaign – Elect to extract data from a specific event, or all events
    Report Column Headings – Discard columns that are not relevant by unchecking the boxes. You are also able to drag and drop column headings to organise your report in a specific order
    Add Filters – For example, you may want to only view a certain date range of donations, thus adding transaction date/date created.
    Add Sort – This allows you to sort the data by certain column, either ascending or descending.
    File Format –Choose the file type you would like to download
    Display Header – The report can be delivered as raw data, or with a header label (this is important when importing data into  your data base)
    Delivery Notification – Elect to be notified by email when your report is ready

  5. When you have chosen the parameters for your report click Save or Save & Schedule to run the report. You will be redirected to the main 'Reports' page. Under 'My Report Templates' your report is available to re-schedule/edit. Under 'Scheduled Reports' you will see your report with the options to 'View/Delete' (and eventually 'Download Report').

  6. Revisit/refresh the page until the option to 'Download Report' appears

Note: Reports can take from a few seconds to 5 minutes to process.Keep hitting Refresh until the report has processed and you are able to Download the report. If your report does not generate within 5 minutes please contact Customer Care through the Submit Request button in to top of this page.

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