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Proof of bank account for Catholic Development Fund (CDF) schools

Schools that conduct their accounts through Catholic Development Fund (CDF) are sometimes unable to provide the usual forms of proof of bank account.

CDF do not have their own BSB, but have a "host" bank account setup with a major bank (e.g. CBA, NAB, Westpac etc).

Each client/school of a CDF branch has a "linked" account setup for transactional purposes.

The bank does not provide statements on these "linked" accounts because CDF clients/schools do not have a direct relationship with the bank; the relationship is between CDF and the bank.

It is the details of this "linked" transactional account that GoFundraise needs to be able to transfer funds into it. If there are no statements, online account screens, or deposit slips which match the details of the "linked" account, we can accept a letter from CDF emailed through which includes:

  • School name
  • BSB of the linked account
  • Account Number of the linked account
  • Agent Number of the School

An example of such a letter can be seen in the Related Downloads section.


How can CDF identify funds from GoFundraise?

Once funds have been deposited from GoFundraise, the reference for GoFundraise deposits will appear on the bank account as GXXXXAYYYY, where XXXX is the GoFundraise Beneficiary ID and YYYY is the Agent Number provided.


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