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How do I change the Confirmation message that appears once a registration is completed?

One most online forms, once a person has completed the form, a "Thank you for registering" message appears. On GoFundraise you can select from:

  • a basic Text pop up message, or
  • Redirect to a separate content page

  1. Starting on the Event Dashboard (), locate the event you wish to edit and click Edit Event (see Edit an existing Event)
  2. From the side bar hover over the Registration and Forms Tab. Select the form you wish to edit.
  3. On the right hand side of this page, in the Form section select Edit

  4. You are now within the Form Builder, from where you can make changes to the existing form.
  5. Hover over the Form Settings field (the first field in the form), and click Edit to open the field properties
  6. Select the Confirmation tab, and select either Text or Redirect options.

    Text: The message written here will appear in a standard text box that pops up once a registration is complete. Does not require a separate content page.

    Redirect: Once the registration is complete, the screen will redirect to the page URL inserted in this field. Requires a separate content page. Choose this option if you need to install tracking code for conversion rates.

    NOTE: If you need to install conversion tracking code, select the Redirect option as the Confirmation message needs to be on a separate content page from the form itself.
  7. Click the green Update Form button on the right hand side to save the changes
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